A Child Who Receives Love Will Know How To Love As An Adult

 Many adults today do not really know how to love others. In the vast majority of cases this occurs when in their childhood they have not received love correctly. When they have not been loved or even when the love they have received has not been real, but has been a toxic love, from other people (usually parents) who did not know how to love correctly either.

Children from birth learn from the world around them and especially from their parents. But they not only learn what they see, but also what they don’t see. Emotions and feelings are taught and spread. The emotions remain connected in the mind and in the body of the little ones and this will help to develop the capacity to love or not to love in children.

The Emotional World Of Children

Children grow in many ways, they grow physically, cognitively and also emotionally. Children’s Emotional Intelligence will depend on the emotional exchanges they receive from their closest ones, this will teach them to see their own emotional world and also that of others. Empathy, love and respect do not come from nothing, they are learned and forged when received from the other.

Love is the best food for the soul of any person, but especially for the hearts of children. Unconditional love for children helps them grow their self-esteem, their identity to strengthen and their personality allows them to become a self-confident person. Love towards children will put an end to fears and they will help them to develop in a balanced way, to become adults who will know how to love themselves thanks to having been loved and who, therefore, will also know how to love others from respect and empathy … Just as they were loved in their childhood.

So that the world is full of love and not so much envy, jealousy or war… We will have to reflect and begin to love children as they deserve: unconditionally and with all the respect in the world. This will help us adults to be aware of the need for love for the development of people.

Understanding your own emotions is necessary in order to understand that of others, understand them and also promote open communication where the expression and understanding of the feelings of others is the most important. Self-control techniques, anger or anger control, flexibility towards new situations, hugs at any time or words full of love … All this is important to show love to children and to learn the true importance of human interactions: affectionate respect.

Give Him All Your Love And He Will Know How To Love

In order for children to learn to love, they must work directly on their emotional health, which is why it is important to keep in mind that the brain changes and modifies constantly and when it receives love, it undoubtedly improves. Education is essential for children to learn a good foundation of Emotional Intelligence, for example through positive discipline and emotional education … Parents will be their best support and guide.

Naming emotions in any circumstance and learning to cope with what can cause a certain disturbance is essential for anyone and also for children. Children must have wings to fly and the adult must never cut them off. An adult who shows empathy, respect and trust in children will allow the little ones to fly and evolve with great confidence in themselves and with a self-esteem that will allow them to develop in a balanced way.